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Operation Musketeer 1956 El-Jamil , the Egyptian 5th of November

we are again in 1956 , in November 1956 , if you don’t like history ,it is okay , you don’t have to read , but I encourage you to read , because you know history repeats itself over and over and all experts and all those who still have working brains in their heads say that we are passing or having a similar situation in the middle like the one we used to have in 1956 , so to understand what we are having now ,we must understand history very well and the only way to understand it is by not leaving a single incident away-

I will start now inshallah repeating what happened on the 5th of November 1956

Remember Remember the fifth of November

The day where paratroops come like a thunder

This is my own mind creation with apology to Guy Fawkes who seemed to be an inspiration for lots and lots of Egyptian bloggers 🙂 Peacefully of course

5th of November 1956 was the official day of invasion where the British troops returned back to the Egyptian soil after departure in 1954

Before going in the details of that long day, I must clarify some points

Where is Port Said??

Port Said is in the North Coast of Egypt, on the Mediterranean Sea

Where is El-Jamil area??

El-Jamil is 12 KM west of Port Said, it has an airfield and by the way it is famous for excellent fishing spot “highly recommended”

Now to the 5th of November

The day started with a massive bombing from British and French air fighters with Napalm over the city of Port Said, massive bombing

NOW here is two version from Egyptian “Port said online” and British sources “Britain Small wars” , look the common parts it will be mentioned with out discussion , the different versions I will mention it , by the way there are parts from each side that are not completed just like the puzzle pieces , well to understand history and in war in specific it is better is to get a piece from here and there and put together to have a complete painting , also I would like to say that unfortunately I am not from Port said and I have never visited yet , despite my wish to visit this great city ,so don’t ask me about accurate geographical information

From “Britain Small War”

At 4.44 am on November the 5th that, 600 men from the third Battalion of the Royal British Parachute regiment were dropped from two aircrafts, the plan was to establish a secure airbase for the rest of the incoming forces

In the El Jamil airport they faced some resistance; already there was a resistance group whose leader was the young 18 years old boy Mohamed Maharn whom I will once share with you his story

of course the numbers were not equal imagine 600 coming from the sky and you got only a small group and thus after some fight , a bitter one according to my people’s stories which I believe and regardless of the British army claims “I know my people very well and they will fight till the last drop ”

From “Port said online”

At 7 am  250 men were dropped in El Jamil area “not the airport” and they were killed by the public resistance using white weapons

of course I believe my people before the British , because here I am not taking the official story but the story of the people themselves ,and experience showed that people usually don’t lie , already the British didn’t lie either but they didn’t say the whole truth , because according hero “Mohamed Maharn” whose was the leader of the “National guards” in El Jamil airport confirmed that they British controlled the airport in that time after a wild fight not the whole El Jamil area as far as I understand

The Port said people began to feel that there was going to be a huge invasion and thus Women, children and elder should leave to a safer place, and thus the plan was to transfer them to Domait through El-Manazla lake, and while Women, children and elder were moving to the boats and ships there in the “Launch station” area, the French  air  fighters came in and targeted them , most of them were killed {courtesy of Dear Mr. Yahia El-Shaer}

Now the whole day the British and French air fighters came bombing the city over and over, throwing dummy Para trooper to locate any resistance points that would target the dummy Para trooper

On that day large numbers of the great people of Port Said were killed, strange the Britain Small war did not mention them!!

You know I see them and I remember the Marawheen Massacre in south Lebanon ,really I feel so angry even after 50 years when I see those images , if you look carefully you will find that they were standing on sand , some sort of a shore ,so I think that martyrs family from the mother and her kids were escaping !!

There is a special shot reminds me with a shot taking from the Japanese invasion to Shanghai China in the WWII!!! {Courtesy of Dear Mr. Yahia El-Shaer}

The rest of the third Battalion of  the Royal British Parachute regiment were dropped from two aircrafts, on two times , the first time one was at 12 PM ,the second one was at 2.30 PM in the areas of El-Gabena and El Jamil , there were about 1200 officer and soldier , now this was a real big number , no wonder that those paratroops of El Jamil got their own club back in Britain now , they were known as the Red devils ,well we got our own red devils too “El-Ahly club”

Now another new difference between the Egyptian and western sources

according to the Egyptian source ,the French started their invasion on the 5th of November “I never imagined that it was very long and historical to Egypt more than England like now ” with 500 Para troopers 500 heavily-armed paratroopers of the French 2ème RPC (Regiment Parachutiste Colonial), hastily redeployed from combat in Algeria, jumped over the al-Raswa bridge to control it but instead of the Egyptian resistance of the formal troops made it to change their position to a place called “Wabor El-Maihah – The Water train”{I think that they meant the Water station because on that day Portsaid suffered from water shortage} , also they targeted the “electricity station” and thus the city became with no water , no electricity “well it is expected in the war to target the water and electricity stations in order to put the city under the siege  ”

In the afternoon of that long day, another 522 additional French paras of the 1re REP ([Regiment Étrangère Parachutiste, Foreign Legion 1st Para Regiment) were dropped near Port Fuad, {difference} the Egyptian sources say they were only “400” and were dropped in Port Fuad itself

Already Port Fuad was deserted from its people except from the Egyptian forces which fought the French invaders fiercely that many of the French troopers were killed that the French commander threatened to bomb the whole Port Fuad city if the resistance didn’t stop

Well strange that the French claim that those 10 soldiers were killed only and 30 were injured!!!

The battles in El Jamil area didn’t stop especially with the French coming to the area, according to the Egyptian records a paratroop of 350 was dropped and was killed while the French records deny it , look I am not expected the French to say the whole truth and the Israeli experience in the Last July 2006 war made me learn so , on the other side the 6 days war famous lesson is my mind ,do not trust your own media , but this is not our media really , our media is celebrating the war silently !!

That day really seemed not willing to finish, man I feel so angry all that destruction for one city without water or electricity, as the electricity station was destroyed and the water station was controlled by the French

All this we didn’t reach yet to 6 PM

Well when it reached 6.30 PM a huge fire started in the Wood warehouses , the fire extended to the wooden cabins owned by the portsaidi people and the governate building and if that hell wasn’t enough the air fighters “F-84Fs” from  France bombed the Oil  storage tanks in Rowsa , so you can imagine a living hell !!! A thick cloud of smoke for the next several days

The day ended dramatically to both UK and France I believe it was the divine revenge from them when both countries founded them threatened by the Soviet union to stop their invasion and withdraw immediately otherwise the Soviet Union would target Paris and London and attack with all types of weapons of destruction including “nuclear” and the world lived on the edge not that only it threatened that it would send 250,000 troops to Egypt “thank God they didn’t”

The threat is historically, first it was the first and last in the history, the Soviet Union needed for two factors to have revenge from the west attack on it because of the Hungarian revolution which was in the same time of the Suez Crisis and to declare itself as a real world power

The General assembly of the UN issued Resolution 1000 on that day calling for establishing an Emergency International Force

And thus the longest day in the history of Port Said was over

Next time it will be much faster

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